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I'm trying to get Rails running on a IIS 6 webserver using IronRuby, but without success. I have followed this webcast and got it running on IIS 7, but can't make it work on a IIS 6 server. I need some help to get this to work. Any ideas?

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Can you describe the problem/error/...? – Shay Friedman Jun 13 '10 at 8:01

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you have to set a wild card mapping to aspnet_isapi.dll The problem is probably that it doesn't pass extensionless urls to the .net pipeline.

If this isn't the problem please provide more information as to errors etc.

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Two thoughts..

  1. Casual Jim is partially right, you need to do a wild card mapping to get all requests to go through the ASAPI filter for .NET. When I got this working on IIS 5.1 where there is no wild card mapping, I created an extension map for *.rails and then had to change my routing to add that to the end of all requests.

  2. If you used the web.config that I posted in my video, it will only work in IIS7. Versions 6 and lower define handlers in a different place.

IIS7: configuration>system.webServer>handlers>add

IIS6: configuration>system.web>httpHandlers>add

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