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I was about to report a but to Eclipse, but I was thinking to give this a chance here first:

If I add an external package, the application cannot find the referenced native library, except in the case specified at the below:

If my workspace consists of a single project, and I import an external package 'EX_package.jar' from a folder outside of the project folder, I can assign a folder to the native library location via:

mouse over package -> right click -> properties -> Native Library -> Enter your folder.

This does not work. In runtime the application does not load the library, System.mapLibraryName(Path) also does not work.

Further more, if I create a User Library, and add the package to it and define a folder for the native library it still does not.

If it works for you then I have a major bug since it does not work on my computer I test this in any combination I could think of, including adding the path to the windows PATH parameter, and so many other ways I can't even start to remember, nothing worked, I played with this for hours and had a colleague try to assist me, but we both came up empty.

Further more, if I have a main project that is dependent on few other projects in my workspace, and they all need to use the same 'EX_package.jar' I MUST supply a HARD COPY INTO EACH OF THEM, it will ONLY (I can't stress the ONLYNESS, I got freaked out by this) work if I have a hard copy of the package in ALL of the project folders that the main project has a dependency on, and ONLY if I configure the Native path in each of them!!

This also didn't do the trick.

please tell me there is a solution to this, this drives me nuts...


if anyone wants to try this for them selfs you can try to use JMF.jar and to refer to the native dlls, or the file, on my XP, I refer to the dll files and I don't need the file.

Thanks, Adam Zehavi.

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I missed the point that Eclipse does not export the native library.

here is a solution to what I was facing: Other answer

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