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When my paid developer membership runs out with Apple, what happens to my existing apps on the app store?

I know that I cannot add new apps then, but do my existing apps stay? Can I change prices? Can I get paid for sales? Can I update those apps? (Am I missing any questions here?)

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I can understand Apple not letting you make/submit/sell NEW apps (since you are no longer a developer)... but what does Apple/you/anyone gain by sitting there and deleting all your existing apps? Apple loses money for every app it deletes. What does it gain? Even the apps you wrote 3 years ago... are now somehow, instantly "bad" and useless? Would Apple delete 1000 apps that each are earning $1000? A million bucks is thrown in the garbage. – Gloria Jun 13 '10 at 3:25
God point, should be a comment though. These were my thoughts, hence the speculation. – Moshe Jun 13 '10 at 4:50
Perhaps the additional revenue is not worth the loss of goodwill with unsupported apps in the App Store. There's more to the value of a business than just how much money you make from it. I mean, at least to me, if all you care about is how much money you make, you're not a very interesting person. – lucius Jun 13 '10 at 8:07
If Apple earns $1000 on an app, the developer earns $2333. Why would a developer in that position decline to spend the $99 it takes to renew his or her developer program subscription? A developer who doesn't renew is a developer who isn't making any money and who doesn't plan on maintaining whatever apps they do have. – Caleb Mar 11 '11 at 10:27
I think the answers below accurately cover what happens to the app in the store. I'm interested to know if the app can be transferred. Scenario: Company A goes out of business and lets their Developer account expire. A new Company B wants to start up and buy one of Company A's apps. Can Company A transfer the app? Or does Company B have to pay to renew Company A's account as well as creating their own? – Bruno Bronosky Aug 5 '15 at 20:45
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Your apps will be removed from the app store, although it won't happen instantly. This is what an Apple sales rep told me a few months ago.

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One of our clients just experienced the same thing. They forgot to renew their account, and now the app is no longer available on the app store! Hope the app is still available on the provisioning portal. – chaiwalla Jun 7 '11 at 1:57
Does anyone know what happens to development apps already installed on a device? Will they cease working when the certificates is revoked? If so, what if the device is not connected to the internet or updated... will the certificates simply expire and the iPad no longer run the development app? – Kasapo Oct 25 '11 at 16:48
Not sure but I would expect already-installed apps to be working. IIRC I used to have an app which was later removed from the store. – k3a Feb 4 '14 at 11:44
Since apps can now be downloaded in the App Store by existing users even though they are not for sale anymore (e.g. Flappy Bird): Will users who already paid for an app be still able to download it on the "Past Purchases"(?) page? – lxgr Sep 12 '14 at 11:04


What happens if I do not renew my iOS Developer Program membership?

Once your membership expires, your apps will no longer be available on the App Store and you will lose the ability to submit new apps. You will lose access to pre-release software, the Apple Developer Forums, Developer Technical Support, and the Certificate Utility. In addition, your existing iOS Distribution certificates will be revoked and invalidated. Finally, if you enrolled in the program as a company, you will lose the ability to manage your development team.

You will, however, retain your status as a Registered Apple Developer and will have access to free development resources.

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One important addition to the previous answers: your apps will NOT be completely removed by Apple, so if you renew your membership later, they will return in the App Store within 24 hours. You do not need to resubmit them. Please note that this doesn't invalidate the other answers, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

What happens to my apps on the App Store if I do not renew my membership?

If your membership expires, your apps will no longer be available for purchase and will not appear in search results on the App Store. However, if you renew your membership after it has expired, your apps will be available for purchase on the App Store within 24 hours. You do not need to resubmit your apps.


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Most importantly for me, already purchased and installed apps will continue to work. Per the FAQ pointed to earlier:

If I don't renew my iOS Developer Program, will my app still function for customers who have already installed or downloaded it from the App Store? Yes. If you do not renew your iOS Developer Program your app will still function for customers who have already installed or downloaded it. However, without renewal of your Program you will lose App Store distribution and your app will no longer be available on the App Store.

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All the existing apps will not be removed from App Store, only user will not be able to manage their applications on App Store like adding new apps, updating the existing apps.

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Hi Vijay, Are you sure about this? – Gaurav aka sparsh Feb 18 '11 at 12:18
I am sure. check the link posted by "highlycafferinated" above. – Vijay Shankar Feb 25 '11 at 13:24
I don't see that Q&A as supporting your assertion. If your app is available in the app store, you are distributing your app via the app store. If you can no longer distribute, then your app must no longer be available. You seem to understand "distribute" as meaning "introduce into the app store," but I think it's more likely to mean the continuing process of letting people purchase and download your app. Do you have any evidence to support your claim other than the Q&A above? – Caleb Mar 11 '11 at 10:33
Vijay, the link posted above doesn't support what you're saying. I read it as saying the opposite. – occulus Mar 11 '11 at 11:00
From: If I don't renew my membership, will new customers be able to purchase my app from the App Store? No. Once your membership expires, your app will be removed from the App Store and new customers will no longer be able to purchase your app. – Kasapo Oct 25 '11 at 16:47

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