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Running into a weird problem with svm. I do svn stat in my controlled directory, lists something like:

?   myproject/foo
?   myproject/zoo

so I do:

svn add myproject/zoo

and then I get this message back:

svn: warning: 'myproject/zoo' is already under version control

I don't get it, why is it showing it as uncontrolled then? I tried running svn cleanup, svn update, nothing though.

I am also looking at my svn project in tracker, and I don't see the /zoo folder as present. What can I do to convince svn it's not really added?


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Is there a .svn subdirectory within foo and zoo?

As mentioned in this thread:

  • svn st from the top folder shows that the folder is unversioned (because the parent folder does not know about it).
  • svn add fails because there is already a .svn folder inside of this folder.

Depending what you want to do, this might fix things:

$ rm -Rf myproject/foo/.svn

That can happen when foo is deleted locally (the parent folder record a deletion), but svn wasn't able to remove the .svn under foo (for some reason like a process keeping an handle on that subdirectory), causing any future svn add to fail, thinking it is already under version control.

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