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In an iPhone app,we can make a UIBarButtonItem by using the following code:

UIBarButtonItem *bbix=[[UIBarButtonItem alloc] initWithBarButtonSystemItem:UIBarButtonSystemItemAction target:nil action:nil];

the generated UIBarButtonItem has a system-provided "action" icon.My question is :how to get this UIBarButtonItem's inner UIButton and add this UIButton to another UIView? who can show me some code? thanks in advance

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You can't. UIBarButtonItem inherits from UIBarItem which inherits from NSObject. None of those classes has a method to get a UIButton, because UIBarButtonItem isn't a UIButton.

Contrariwise, you can create a UIBarButtonItem from a UIButton -- see an answer I gave to a different question for more info (which works by adding it as a "custom view").

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thanks Shaggy Frog –  Jagie Jun 13 '10 at 10:08
+1 for "contrariwise". –  Lucas Tulio Jan 21 at 18:47

I don't think you can get the embedded button in any case. However, if you create a button using a custom view, for example, using a button, we can get that button later using this code:

((UIButton *)(theBarButtonItem.customView.subviews.lastObject));

The hierarchy of the custom view should like this:


Hopes that helps.

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You can't access the embedded button inside UIBarButtonItem through the UIBarButtonItem

what you can do it to link the inner button using the interface builder with a new outlet and like this you can access to the button directly you can find the button inside the objects view when you open the nib file then you can link it with a new outlet

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Just to extend Brians answer if your UIBarButton is made with custom view...

if ([myBarButton.customView.subviews.lastObject isKindOfClass:[UIButton class]])
    UIButton * btn = ((UIButton *)(myBarButton.customView.subviews.lastObject));

Just add a little bit of error checking, you never know when apple or another developer will one day change the layout hierarchy. Since this approach is really error prone long term.

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If you have created your bar button item via initWithCustomView, simply access the custom view property and cast to UIButton.


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