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I have problem with Runtime.exec() in Java My code:

String lol = "/home/pc/example.txt";
String[] b = {"touch", lol}; 
try {  
} catch(Exception ex) {  

It's working good but when I trying changle variable "lol" files doesn't create in hard disk

for instance: String lol = x.getPath(); where getPath() returns String

What should I do ?

Thanks for your reply :)

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Haven't done a lot of Java on Linux, but possibly a permissions issue -- maybe the sandbox doesn't let you create files outside the home dir? Just a guess, maybe something to look into. – Kaleb Brasee Jun 13 '10 at 13:41
Thx for reply but I set chmod 777 and when I don't use getPath() file turn up. – kunkanwan Jun 13 '10 at 13:53
Note: Runtime#exec() doesn't throw any exception if the command failed. You'd like to read its output or error stream. Also see this link (all the 4 pages) – BalusC Jun 13 '10 at 14:18

Here is the solution to your problem . I faced a similar problem and this worked for me by specefying the output directory, it should execute the output of your files in that working directory.

   ProcessBuilder proc = new ProcessBuilder("<YOUR_DIRECTORY_PATH>" + "abc.exe"); // <your executable path> 
   proc.redirectOutput(ProcessBuilder.Redirect.INHERIT);  //; // fi = your output directory
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You are probably using a
In that case getPath() doesn't return the absolute path. For example:

System.out.println(System.getProperty("user.dir")); // Prints "/home/pc/"
// This means that all files with an relative path will be located in "/home/pc/"
File file = new File("example.txt");
// Now the file, we are pointing to is: "/home/pc/example.txt"
System.out.println(file.getPath()); // Prints "example.txt"
System.out.println(file.getAbsolutePath()); // Prints "/home/pc/example.txt"

So, conclusion: use

Tip: there also exists a method. This will return the absolute path when calling getPath().

I just read your comment to the other answer:

I think you did:

String[] cmd = {"touch /home/pc/example.txt"};

This won't work, because the os searches for an application called "touch /home/pc/example.txt".
Now, you are thinking "WTF? Why?"
Because the method Runtime.getRuntime().exec(String cmd); splits your string up on the spaces. And Runtime.getRuntime().exec(String[] cmdarray); doesn't split it up. So, you have to do it by yourself:

String[] cmd = {"touch", "/home/pc/example.txt"};
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madness........ – Thufir Apr 6 at 9:32

Simply look at the content of lol, when you called x.getPath(). I would guess it is not an absolute path and the file gets created, but not where you expect it to be.

It x is a us getCanonicalPath() for an absolute path.

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Good point but if I print x.getPath() gets result equals "/home/pc/example.txt". It's should be OK. When I using Runtime.getRuntime().exec("touch /home/pc/example.txt") it's work fine, but when I trying using function it's doesen't work. – kunkanwan Jun 13 '10 at 13:52

If the code works when you set the string to the literal "/home/pc/example.txt", and x.getPath also returns the same value, then it MUST work - it's as simple as that. Which means that x.getPath() is actually returning something else. Maybe there's whitespace in the string? Try comparing the strings directly:

if (!"/home/pc/example.txt".equals(x.getPath())) throw new RuntimeException();
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like write code for real path

String path = request.getSession().getServletContext().getRealPath("/");

here u can get real path ..........

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