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I would like to add custom folders to a Sql Server Management Studio 2008 solution. Currently only three folders are included: Connections, Queries, and Miscellaneous with no easy way to add or customize this folder layout.

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As far as I recall, you cannot do this, unfortunately. At least not with any "normal" documented methods....

I once even tried to manually edit the resulting *.ssmssqlproj file (it's basically a XML-based Visual Studio solution file, after all), but if I recall correctly, even those folders added manually into the proj file were "killed" at next startup and removed.

The whole solution stuff in SSMS is really majorly lacking right now - which is a bit funny since it's really based on the Visual Studio code base, which can handle lots of scenarios in its solutions......

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I confirm, that it is not possible in SSMS2005-2008R2. Code simply ignores additional folders.

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there was once a free addon @ but now they charge for an "nearly" opensource project

the last free edition was 0.3.3 (if you would like to search in the archives)

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