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I've been trying to configure xdebug to work along with netbeans, my current configuration is

xdebug.remote_host= (also tried localhost)

I tried the test provided by a netbeans blog explaining how to test if the configuration works when binding it just outputs "unable to bind"

Any suggestions?

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According to Xdebug Documentation, the parameter xdebug.remote_enable takes 0 or 1 values (0 by default) and not on or off. I hope this remark will help. – whiteletters in blankpapers Jan 31 '15 at 12:32

A couple of things off the top of my head...

Firstly, check that nothing else is already listening to port 9000 (on the command line, type netstat -an ).

If that doesn't show anything, make sure the Windows Firewall is not enabled.

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