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I'm trying to make an element draggable, like so:

var element = $("<li id='test'>Hello</li>");
element.draggable("option", "connectToSortable", '#panelTarget');
element.draggable("option", "helper", 'clone');
element.draggable("option", "revert", 'invalid');

nothing happens when I try dragging this element. It works fine though if I embed the object in the page beforehand instead of trying to dynamically create the element. Any idea what I'm missing? For example, this works:

$(function() {
        connectToSortable: '#panelTarget',
        helper: 'clone',
        revert: 'invalid'

  <li id='test'>Hello</li>


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Oh actually the call should be:




maybe I'm reading the docs wrong, it does say:

.draggable( "enable" )



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It works now? .draggable("enable") might be a setting method, that is, a method that only works after the draggable has been created (using .draggable()). – MvanGeest Jun 13 '10 at 17:34

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