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I'm running Rails 2.3.4. When I create a new rails project, the public/index.html file has a link named "About your application's environment" that points to "rails/info/properties". In dev mode, it gives a summary of the runtime environment. However, in production mode, it gives a 404 page cannot be found.

Could someone point me in the direction of how and where the "rails/info/properties" route is configured? I'd just like to understand how it's set up.

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The link fires off an AJAX request to rails/info/properties. The properties action is defined in the Rails::InfoController which lives in /rails/railties/builtin/rails_info/rails/info_controller.rb.

The route doesn't need to be explicitly defined because it conforms to the Rails default route of :controller/:action/:id (although there is no ID in this case and the controller lives within a Rails namespace.)

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It's configured within Rails itself (when in development mode). You can probably track it down if you look through the Rails initialization code.

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of course! I was worried I did something wrong on production –  JZ. Oct 27 '12 at 3:39

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