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I want to de-activate or remove the vertical scrollbar in an HTML page.
How to do that ?


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If you really need it...

html { overflow-y: hidden; }
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put it where ?.. –  Christophe Jun 13 '10 at 23:59
Uhm, in a stylesheet or a <style> element. –  meder Jun 14 '10 at 0:00
good, but it just hide the scrollbar; if I use the keyboard it scroll down. How can I desactivate the scrolling down ? –  Christophe Jun 14 '10 at 0:03
The question was "remove the vertical scrollbar" and that did exactly that. You can try binding keyup or keydown to document and cancelling if the event code is equal to the down arrow, or reverting it with scrollTo(0,0) on the event handler. –  meder Jun 14 '10 at 0:05
Example please ? –  Christophe Jun 14 '10 at 0:07

put this code in your html header:

<style type="text/css">
html {
        overflow: auto;
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Doesn't "overflow: auto;" render exactly like the default behavior? –  Sparky Apr 10 '11 at 2:55
overflow: visible is the default behavior. I'm not saying that the answer is correct by the way. –  Memet Olsen Sep 4 '14 at 7:48

What I would try in this case is put this in the stylesheet

html, body{overflow:hidden;}

this way one disables the scrollbar, and as a cumulative effect they disable scrolling with the keyboard

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