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I have a mkv file. It's video codec is avc and audio codec is ac3.

How can i put it into a html5 video tag?

I use the

<source src="01.mkv" type="video/x-matroska" codecs="a_ac3, avc">

but in safari 5 or chorome4 it doesn't works.

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Your <source> tag is malformed. You need to put the codec information inside the value of the type attribute instead, eg:

<source src="01.mkv" type='video/x-matroska; codecs="a_ac3, avc"'>

The type attribute contains a full MIME specification, and codecs is an optional parameter for some MIME types. There is no separate codecs attribute on the <video> tag.

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<source is not the top level HTML5 video tag, which is named <video>. You can find out more from this tutorial. Are you using <source> inside of <video>?

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I know, I only paste source tag from my code. – AntiGameZ Jun 14 '10 at 7:13

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