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We are learning chef-solo and need a good example for better understanding.. Have searched a lot on net but the ideas are very confusing. can anyone suggest some examples.. and also how to run them.. We have installed chef-0.8.16 gem but couldnt figure out how to work with it.. We are using windows platform..Its urgent..

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Very sane chef-solo tutorial is written by opinionated programmer. – techtonik Jun 18 '12 at 20:56

Windows platform support is quite new (version 0.8.14), so its ability to configure resources on Windows is fairly limited until the next release which will add new resource providers for the platform.

A good resource for Chef Solo is its page on the Wiki. You can also get help from the IRC channel and mailing lists.

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I have created a bootstrap script here for testing out chef-solo in ec2. It includes a very trivial recipe to run also.

for more complex recipes you could have a look here:

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