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function rotateimg(ulid,showid,linkid) { 
        var cur = $("#"+ulid+" li.current");            
        var nxt = cur.next("li");           

        if (nxt.length == 0)
        nxt = $("#"+ulid+" li:first");
        var img_value=nxt.attr("id").substring(11);
        var img_title=nxt.attr("title");
        var img_id = nxt.attr("name").substring(17);
        var alink=nxt.attr("rel");

        $("#"+ulid+" li div").css("background-color", "#000000");
        nxt.find("div").css("background-color", "#333333");


var lt=setInterval("rotateimg('lnews','show_images_event','lnewslink')", 5000);

in this code. i am getting this error nxt.attr("id") is undefined

pls any one help me

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There might be more efficient ways to do what you are doing. If you provided some HTML we might be able to better help. –  Mottie Jun 14 '10 at 13:24
<div><a href="news_detail.php" ><img src="2.jpg" /></a><ul id="tnews"><li class="show_news_images_topnews" id="show_image_4182010122753PMAmitabh_2.jpg" name="show_news_images_37733" title="Amitabh" rel="news_detail.php"><h4><a href="news_detail.php">Amitabh</a></h4><div> free <a href="news_detail.php"> More</a><div> </li> <li class="show_news_images_topnews" id = "show_image_510201012619PMSingam2.jpg" name="show_news_images_38442" title="Singam: Ready to roar in June" rel="news_detail.php"><h4><a href="news_detail.php">Singam</a></h4><div>Kollywood</a><div></li></ul></div> –  shanmugam Jun 15 '10 at 5:09
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1 Answer

You'll get undefined if nxt has no id.
This is a problem, because you're trying to call .substring(11) on it.
Do a null check:

var img_value = "";
var nxtId = nxt.attr("id");
    img_value = nxtId.substring(11);
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thanks for reply.now the error not show but it not worked in chrome browser –  shanmugam Jun 15 '10 at 4:48
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