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I want to deploy a HashMap of configuration to the JNDI tree of Glass Fish server. I am migrating a framework from Weblogic to GLassfish. Previously it was done via the following code..

Where the Environment is *weblogic.jndi.Environment;*

public void deployConfiguration(HashMap configuration)
    throws GenericFrameworkException {
    Context ictx = null;
    String configParameter = null;
    Environment env = new Environment();
    // get the NOT replicating initial context of this server
    ictx = ServiceLocator.getNotReplicatingInitialContext();
    if (ictx != null) {
      Set e = configuration.keySet();
      Iterator iter = e.iterator();
      while (iter.hasNext()) {
        configParameter = (String);

Can any one suggest how this can be achieved in Glassfish

Thanks in Advance.

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It seems as if you are looking for custom jndi resources:

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