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i have written a application for android phone (nexus1) which collects some information regularly at some intervals.Now i want to transfer the information collected to some particular server regularly as the information is collected by phone?

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you can use very different methods for this... some things first come to my mind:

  • Internet: Website to receive data (via URL)...written in Java/EE or PHP,...

  • Bluetooth: If your device is always in connection with your server, you can use this

It would help, if you would specify, how you want to have your "server" working...

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Thanks for replying. I want to transfer via Internet.i want to use GPRS of the android phone for data transfer –  surath Jun 14 '10 at 9:35
so you may have to use my first suggestion...implementing a server (javaEE or PHP) which handles a specific request via an URL, for example mydomain.com/server.php?lat=123&lon=456 and open it via a httpConnection (see android api) –  poeschlorn Jun 14 '10 at 10:54

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