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Can someone please help me out? My code for splitting the strings is working however, i still need to use the splitted string my page. How can i achieve this? Here's my current code

    private void SplitStrings()
        List<string> listvalues = new List<string>();
        listvalues = (List<string>)Session["mylist"];
        string[] strvalues = listvalues.ToArray();

        if (listvalues != null)
            foreach (string strElement in listvalues)
                string[] prods = strElement.ToString().Split("|".ToCharArray());
                string prodName = prods[0].ToString();

link text

how can i replace the response.write with any label or literal? when i tried to use a literal on the code it displays one single string not all of the strings that's been splitted.

any ideas?

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I'm not sure I can tell what problem you're seeing - can you explain in more detail what output you want to see? – Dan Puzey Jun 14 '10 at 9:18
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Instead of just assigning the value use the concatenation operator to get all the strings. If your label name is label1 then something like

label1.Text += prods[0].ToString(); 

will be enough.

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If you are only seeing one prodName in the label then it sounds to me like you are doing something like this when assigning the value of the label:

label1.text = prodName

This will simply set the value of label1 to prodName. In fact you need to contatenate the label and do something similar to this:

label1.text += prodName

This essentially says, take the value of label1 and add prodName to the end. The first statement was saying take the value of label1 and set it to prodName

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thank you for all of your replies! i appreciate it – nhoyti Jun 14 '10 at 9:47

Just cycle over the string array:

foreach(string s in prods)

BTW this strElement.ToString().Split("|".ToCharArray());

can be replaced by this strElement.Split('|');

because strElement is already a string and to specify a char you have to use single quotes.

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