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I have a Win7 PC in use as part of an experiment control system. The experiment in question uses 4 windows simultaneously, and I would like to find away to open, position and size these 4 windows with a script.

The script would run at start up, so that the newly booted PC presents the user with the four windows as default.

Obviously I can use a batch file in the startup folder to open windows and run applications, but is there a way to specify the layout of these windows?

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Assuming that you have access to a scripting language that supports making calls to Windows API functions it shouldn't be too hard. Otherwise I'd suggest writing a small executable in some language (at least any of C++, C# or VB.Net would all work fine) and have that do it.

You could use FindWindow, as described here, to find the windows and MoveWindow, as described here, to move them around.

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python win32api is my choice, thanks – Simon Pickles Jun 23 '10 at 11:47

I use an AutoHotkey script to set up all my environment (around 7 windows in 3 different virtual screens), works pretty well. You can set the location of windows etc.

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I can use a batch file to open the apps, then run WiLMA to relocate them

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