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I have a table called UserManagement that contains information about the user.This table gets updated whenever new user is created. If i create two users then i need check whether two users are actually created or not. Table contains ID,UserName,FirstName,LastName,Bdate..ctc. Here ID will be generated automatically.
I am running Selenium-TestNG script.Using Selenium,how can i get the UserName of the two users which i have created? Should i have to iterate through table? If so how to iterate through the table?

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Use ISelenium.GetTable(string) to get the contents of the table cells you want. For example, selenium.GetTable("UserManagement.0.1"); will return the contents of the table's first row and second column. You could then assert that the correct username or usernames appear in the table.

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I tried the same using it in a loop as selenium.GetTable("UserManagement.i.1") where I want to iterate through loop but it wont work..instead selenium.GetTable("UserManagement.0.1") it works..ANy idea why – sam Jan 16 '11 at 15:30
@sam what values of i are you iterating over? – Wesley Wiser Jan 16 '11 at 18:50
following is what I am trying to do i is a counter to numof rows. For i As Integer = 1 To NumOfRows Dim strTableColumn As String = selenium.GetTable("Group.i.1") If (strTableColumn = pword) Then ReturnValue = i IsFound = True Exit For End If Next – sam Jan 17 '11 at 8:16
@sam looks like you have 2 issues: you're starting at 1 instead of 0 and you need to use string concatenation to build the locator "Group." + i + ".1" instead of "Group.i.1" – Wesley Wiser Jan 18 '11 at 4:35

Get the count of rows using Selenium.getxpathcount(\@id = fjsfj\td\tr") in a variable rowcount

Give the columncount in a variable


int colcount = 5;

Give the req i.e New user

String user1 = "ABC"

for(i = 0;i <=rowcount;i++)
      if (user1==selenium.gettable("//@[id=dldl/tbody" +i "td"+j))
         system.out.println(user1  + "Inserted");
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I tried with the same solution you provide. But xpath is not taking i(counter) instead if you use a static row no it works. Any other possible solution – sam Jan 16 '11 at 15:28

Get the number of rows using:

int noOfRowsInTable = selenium.getXpathCount("//table[@id='TableId']//tr");

If the UserName you want to get is at fixed position, let's say at 2nd position, then for each row iterate as given below:


Note: we can find the number of columns in that table using same procedure

int noOfColumnsInTable = selenium.getXpathCount("//table[@id='TableId']//tr//td");

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Generically, something like this?

table = @browser.table(:id,'tableID')
table.rows.each do |row|
    # perform row operations here
    row.cells.each do |cell|
        # do cell operations here
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