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I used git svn do commit into my svn repository and the comment contained an invalid character. When I try to change the comment as described here I get the following error:

svn propedit -r 2958 --revprop svn:log https://svnhost/path/to/repository
svn: Valid UTF-8 data
(hex: 68 6d 65 6e 66 61 6b 74 6f 72 20 75 6e 64 20 4f 70 74 69 6f 6e 73 70 72)
followed by invalid UTF-8 sequence
(hex: e4 6d 69 65)

Does anybody have a tip how to fix that commit without having administrator rights on the repository?

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This depends on your locale and the handling of non-ASCII chars. I remember this being quite a pain some while ago, not sure we even got that fixed. – user231967 Jun 14 '10 at 10:37
Have you tried both the propedit and propset variants? – Ether Jun 14 '10 at 14:52
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I checked the link you included to the change-log-msg FAQ and running the command you and they listed is precluded by the fact that the repository is configured to actually allow a log message to be modified. By default the repository is not. To enable the modification of log messages requires that the script pre-revprop-change be activated, and this can only be done by someone (usually an admin) with access to the file structure of the repository on disk.

It seems like you do not have the necessary access. You can pass this along to the admin of the repository. In this case simply renaming pre-revprop-change.tmpl to pre-revprop-change and making sure it is executable will enable modifying log messages:

Thank you,

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