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How to install image magic in Windows 7. I followed these instruction

To install IMagick on Windows XP (php 5.2.x)

  1. download and install ImageMagick-6.5.8-7 Q16-windows-dll.exe http://www.imagemagick.org/download/binaries/ ImageMagick-6.5.8-7-Q16-windows-dll.exe

  2. download php_imagick_dyn-Q16.dll from: http://valokuva.org/outside-blog-content/ imagick-windows-builds/080709/

    copy dll to [PHP]/extension dir and rename it to php_imagick.dll

  3. You have to edit your php.ini file and add new extension

  4. Save ini file and restart apache server.

    (If necessary, restart your windows)

  5. phpinfo() should show imagick enabled.

after that I execute a sample script but its not working. It shows the Imagic class missing error.

Fatal error: Class 'Imagick' not found in C:...\imgborder.php on line XXX

Please help me to install Imagick. :-(

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I know this is old, but I ran into this today and it took me forever to get Imagick to work. In my case, setting the MAGICK_HOME environment variable was the trick. I wrote up my findings: refreshless.com/blog/imagick-pecl-imagemagick-windows Hope it helps anyone. –  Lg102 May 17 at 19:10
@Lg102 thanks a lot for sharing your knowlegde, I have found your answer as most appropriate for my situation. –  zazu Jul 18 at 12:31

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Check permissions on the .dll file to make sure the Apache user has read access to the file. Better change the permission of the [PHP]/extension directory.

To change the permission

  1. Right click the file(s) or folder(s)
  2. Select "Properties"
  3. Select "Security" tab
  4. Click on "Edit" button.

Change the permission of user to Full Control.

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Try with this link. It worked for me http://www.sk89q.com/2010/03/vc6-windows-binaries-for-imagick-2-3-0/

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I've research this solution, here you will find all necessary libraries. Download this http://image_magick.veidrodis.com/image_magick/binaries/ImageMagick-6.6.2-10-Q16-windows-dll.exe

Find your DLLs here http://www.peewit.fr/imagick/

To know which library fit your needs easily run phpinfo()

There you find the following row e.g.

Compiler MSVC9 (Visual C++ 2008)

The MSVC9 tells you that it's compiled with Visual C9, so you need to download the VC9 version. Thats all.

Have nice day, takes me several hours of research.

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  • Download the binaries on the PECL page (look for the "DLL" links).
  • Open the archive, copy all the *.dll files to the "php\ext" directory (and no other directory).
  • Add to your php.ini:

    • PHP 5.3:


    • PHP 5.4:


  • Restart web server.

At this point, Imagick is installed, but you will probably encounter this error: "ImagickException: NoDecodeDelegateForThisImageFormat".

Here is how to fix it:

  • Download a Windows installer on the ImageMagick download page.
    • Pick up one of the "-dll.exe" files, of the same arch (x86/x64) as your Apache binary.
  • Install ImageMagick.
  • Copy the *.dll files in "<install_dir>\modules\coders" to the "php\ext" directory. For example, you'll need IM_MOD_RL_jpeg_.dll for JPEG handling.
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This may be hitting a nail with a 5-pound hammer, but I like Cygwin, a Unix-like environment for Windows; it includes imagemagick as a package.

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