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Fellow StackOverflowers, is there a way for me to remove a queue or a topic in ActiveMQ programatically? I am using ActiveMQ's standard persistency, and my application requires that, on startup, all new queues be dynamically re-created (unless there are messages stored in the queue, in which case, the queue should remain to exist).

I am also creating all queues programatically through sessions. Is there an equivalent to that procedure, only to delete a queue? Querying and iterating through the existing queues would also be useful, but i haven't found a way to do that yet.

Please help an ActiveMQ noob! =)

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Were you running ActiveMQ embedded or standalone? – Andrejs Mar 1 '14 at 10:36

You can also Delete Destinations that are inactive for some period of time. Available since Active MQ 5.4

Alternatively if you are running ActiveMQ embedded you can use the API to remove destinations: Region.removeDestination

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To remove a destination from ActiveMQ programmatically, you will need to do so via JMX using the removeTopic and removeQueue methods on the broker MBean (org.apache.activemq:BrokerName=localhost,Type=Broker). I have posted some example code to demonstrate this, including the use of the removeTopic method, over on Gist:

Hope that helps.


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If you use spring JmsTemplate, you can do it this way:

Connection cn = getJmsTemplate().getConnectionFactory().createConnection();
ActiveMQDestination destination = ActiveMQDestination.createDestination(queueName, ActiveMQDestination.QUEUE_TYPE);             

if(cn instanceof PooledConnection){
    ((PooledConnection)cn).getConnection().destroyDestination(destination );
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While there's not a lot of concrete examples, there's some documentation about it here :

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Thanks nos, i'll take a look at the BrokerViewMBean interface later on and see what i can do with it. I'll let you know if it works. – Eduardo Z. Jun 14 '10 at 12:22

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