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I m using autocomplete from


i managed to get data from server in below form but in autocomplete list i dont see spaces that i added after supplier , i even tried removing trim all over from the script but that does not solved my issue.Please suggest.

Exon: Supplier HJR/VAKJ -1

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You need to post some code, preferably enough that we can reproduce this. Remove all the other code and have only the autocomplete with a hard coded list. From there start adding back code until it breaks. –  tster Jun 14 '10 at 12:05
possible duplicate of Jquery autocomplete - how to massage the options before displaying? –  Cheeso Nov 8 '10 at 2:19

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That's not a jQuery or Autocomplete issue. It's how HTML works: Whitespace in the source code is irrelevant by design.

To enforce spaces that also appear on the screen, use "non-breaking spaces": Reference them either by their HTML entity name  , by their numbered entity   or by replacing space characters by Chr(160) directly. It depends on your server side software how to do it, but it is reasonably simple.

So this:

Exon:    Supplier    HJR/VAKJ -1

would become, for example:

Exon:    Supplier    HJR/VAKJ -1

Be sure to use a fixed-width font for presentation, or you will see jagged columns on the screen.

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