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Following a problem in WPF 4 where the default ProgressBar template has an off-white highlight applied causing it to dull the foreground colour, I decided to extract the template and manually edit the values to white.

After doing this, I put the template as a style in App.xaml for global use and the Visual Studio designer began to use it right away.

However, when I run my app, the default style is still being applied:

Top - Application, Bottom - Designer

I then tried setting the style specifically using a key, then even having it as an inline style and finally as a inline template without a wrapping style for the specific progress bar and it is still ignored.

What's going wrong?

Current code for the ProgressBar:

 <ProgressBar Grid.Column="1"
              IsIndeterminate="{Binding ProgressState, FallbackValue=False}"
              Visibility="{Binding ProgressVisibility, FallbackValue=Collapsed}"
              Value="{Binding ProgressValue, Mode=OneWay, FallbackValue=100}"
              Foreground="{Binding ProgressColor,FallbackValue=Red}">
                <Grid Name="TemplateRoot"
                    <Rectangle RadiusX="2"
                               Fill="{TemplateBinding Panel.Background}" />
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"{TemplateBinding Panel.Background}" Are you sure you're binding to a panel's background? – Amsakanna Jun 14 '10 at 12:51
That is part of the original template and working correctly (in the VS designer). The problem is the whole template not showing up at run time. – Nidonocu Jun 14 '10 at 13:00
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I've found the error I believe. It seems that even though the template was extracted from the build in version. There was some kind of error with the following trigger in the template:

<Trigger Property="ProgressBar.IsIndeterminate">
    <Setter Property="Panel.Background"

As soon as I removed this trigger (which had no visible impact on the visuals) the template began to work.

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Just to be sure. You are binding internal Rectangle to the Background property, while it's not set in the ProgressBar definition (only Foreground is there). Is that correct?

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That's the background of the progressbar as defined in the original template. – Nidonocu Jun 14 '10 at 13:01

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