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I want to disable ReSharper 5 when debugging - it slows things down more than I'm willing to take.

Is there an automatic way to do this?

The next best thing would be a toolbar button to manually enable/disable it.

On the Tools -> Options -> ReSharper page there's a comment that the VS command Resharper_ToggleSuspended would do just this. alt text

The problem is, I can't find the command when I right-click a toolbar -> Customize... -> 'Commands' tab -> Choose 'Resharper' category.

alt text

Am I missing something?

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Looks like customization dialog doesn't show commands which doesn't belong to some "category", and ReSharper_ToggleSuspended doesn't have any. Try this:

  • Using Tools | Options | Keyboard assign shortcut to the command (it is listed there), and use shortcut instead.
  • or, Create simple macro which will execute the command by name, and
    put that macro on the toolbar.
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