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I was wondering if anyone knew of a macro or keyboard shortcut or anything really that would automate Attaching to a Process within visual studio?

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"If no debugger is attached, users are asked if they want to attach a debugger. If yes, the debugger is started. If a debugger is attached, the debugger is signaled with a user breakpoint event, and the debugger suspends execution of the process just as if a debugger breakpoint had been hit."


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CTRL + ALT + P brings up the dialog box. Then hit the first letter of the process you want to attach to, e.g. W for w3wp.exe

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I just found this too... in combination with the above will give me pretty much everything I need :) – lomaxx Nov 19 '08 at 23:20

The macro is described in post Attach to Process with one shortcut

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You can just record a macro and assign a keyboard shortcut to it in the options dialog. That's what I did. I press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-Z and it attaches to aspnet_wp.exe for me.

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