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I want to create a SQLite database in my app, which contains three tables, I will add data into tables and will use them later on.

but I like to keep database ,as if when app is first time installed it checks whether the database exist or not, if exists it updates it else if not then creates a new database.

further more I am making a DB class to facilitate my app,so I wont be creating an activity for my database creation.

if there are possible advices, please share with me

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Why not refer to the documentation or the sample code shipping with the SDK? There's code in the samples on how to create/update/fill/read databases using the helper class described in the document I linked.

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Funny that mine is the accepted answer :-D –  Thorsten Dittmar Sep 15 at 6:23

Nice example is here.

 try {
   myDB = this.openOrCreateDatabase("DatabaseName", MODE_PRIVATE, null);

   /* Create a Table in the Database. */
     + TableName
     + " (Field1 VARCHAR, Field2 INT(3));");

   /* Insert data to a Table*/
   myDB.execSQL("INSERT INTO "
     + TableName
     + " (Field1, Field2)"
     + " VALUES ('Saranga', 22);");

   /*retrieve data from database */
   Cursor c = myDB.rawQuery("SELECT * FROM " + TableName , null);

   int Column1 = c.getColumnIndex("Field1");
   int Column2 = c.getColumnIndex("Field2");

   // Check if our result was valid.
   if (c != null) {
    // Loop through all Results
    do {
     String Name = c.getString(Column1);
     int Age = c.getInt(Column2);
     Data =Data +Name+"/"+Age+"\n";
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thanks man....helped me a lot!! –  ASP Jun 25 '13 at 5:22
this link and code is really helpful ! –  Bachask8 Oct 29 '13 at 22:17
thanks: simple, clear and helpful. –  miracle mo Jun 8 at 23:09

There is perfect and simple explanation here that gives a clear understanding on how to use SQLite

Click here to gain access for the resource

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If you want to keep the database between uninstalls you have to put it on the SD Card. This is the only place that won't be deleted at the moment your app is deleted. But in return it can be deleted by the user every time.

If you put your DB on the SD Card you can't use the SQLiteOpenHelper anymore, but you can use the source and the architecture of this class to get some ideas on how to implement the creation, updating and opening of a databse.

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There is perfect and simple explanation here that gives a clear understanding on how to use SQLite


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