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I am subclassing NSTextView to set it's default font:


@interface PTNfoEditField : NSTextView {




@implementation PTNfoEditField

-(id)init {
    if(self = [super init]) {
        [[self textStorage] setFont:[NSFont fontWithName:@"Courier" size:10]];

    return self;


However, this does not work and I don't know how to do it in a different way. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

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The initializer for views is not init, it's initWithFrame:. Furthermore, if your view is in a nib, you must also override initWithCoder:. Don't forget to make sure your view is actually a PTNfoEditField, not a regular NSTextView.

Also, you should use [NSFont userFixedPitchFontOfSize:0.0] to set the font. You should hard-code neither the font name (the user may prefer a better monospaced font) nor the font size (the user may find 10-pt hard to read or have their anti-aliasing threshold set above it).

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Maybe try setTypingAttributes: too.

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