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So, MongoDB defaults to "AND" when finding records. For example:

db.users.find({age: {'$gte': 30}, {'$lte': 40}});

The above query finds users >= 30 AND <= 40 years old.

How would I find users <= 30 OR >= 40 years old?

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There will be an or operator in the near future. The nightly Mongodb build has already an $or. You can also use $where and use JavaScript to express the or.


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There is no OR operator, but they say you can still do it:

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matt -i too researched the $or business and hit a brick wall. i had saved this little link on googlegroups and was going to follow up on it at some point:

sorry to not have answered the question but just wanted to make you aware that others were looking for the same functionailty at the time i was tentatively looking at this.

you could of course (depending on the language implementation) use the linq provider for mongo.


[edit] for linq stuff see -

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Thanks for the heads up – Matt Jun 14 '10 at 15:12

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