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I am trying to work with a segmented control inside a a tableview, then when a user selects an item, I'd like to show a spinner, while some info posts to a webservice.

The problem that I am having is: How do I add a delegate and access the referenced segmented Control, so I can set it's alpha or visibility to NO? Also, what's the best practice for this, I know there's tags, but not sure how they work in this type of situation.

NSArray * segmentItems= [NSArray arrayWithObjects: @"one", @"two", @"three", @"four", @"five", nil];
UISegmentedControl *segmentedControl= [[[UISegmentedControl alloc] initWithItems: segmentItems] retain];
segmentedControl.segmentedControlStyle= UISegmentedControlStyleBar;
segmentedControl.selectedSegmentIndex= -1;

[segmentedControl addTarget: self action: @selector(onSegmentedControlChanged:) forControlEvents: UIControlEventValueChanged];
segmentedControl.frame  = CGRectMake(2, 0, 300, 30);
segmentedControl.tintColor= [UIColor grayColor];

Here's my delegate

 - (IBAction)onSegmentedControlChanged:(id)sender
    int clickedSegment= [sender selectedSegment];

How do I access the UISegmentedControl from the sender so I can set the visibility Off? I can always set the my object that populates my segmentedControl by extending it, I Just need to figure out how to get a reference to the the cell and the SegmentedControl?

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When you create/return the cell with the segmented control, set the delegate object before returning the cell to the table.


Sorry, misread the question. The sender passed to the delegate methods will be the actual UISegmentedControl instance you need to identify. Inside the delegate method, cast the generic sender to a UISegmentedControl` then set its attributes as needed.

The selected table row is passed to the tableview selection methods.

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Casting is done like this, i found: UISegmentedControl *control = (UISegmentedControl *)sender; – ReduxDJ Jun 15 '10 at 1:21

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