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I work on an application which use Seam and Hibernate (with Jboss 5.1 server).

I have 4 projects in my eclipse (Portail, Portail-ear, Portail-ejb and Portail-test). When I start the application, all work fine (I can go in localhost:8080).

But when I want to realise some tests in the test project, I have a problem. Here is the code for the user creation test:

public class UserTest extends SeamTest {  

 IdentityManager identityManager;

 private EntityManager entityManager;

 public void testUserCreate() throws Exception {  
         new ComponentTest() {  
             protected void testComponents() throws Exception {

  Log log = Logging.getLog(UserTest.class);
  Log testLog = Logging.getLog(Log.class);

                (UserAction)Component.getInstance("userAction", true);
  setField(ua, "entityManager", entityManager);
  setField(ua, "identityManager", identityManager);
  setField(ua, "log", testLog);
  Portailrole portailrole = null;
  try{"/****** CHERCHE ROLE ******/");
      if (entityManager == null)"entityManager is null");
      Query query = entityManager.createQuery("from Portailrole where name=:rolename").setParameter("rolename", "Admin");
                    portailrole = (Portailrole) query.getSingleResult();"/****** FIN CHERCHE ROLE ******/");
  catch (Exception e) {
 "Exception portailrole {0} {1}", e.getClass(), e.getMessage());
  }"testUserCreate : {0}", "role trouvé?");
  Set<Portailrole> portailroles = new HashSet<Portailrole>();
  if (portailrole != null) {"testUserCreate : {0}", portailrole.getName());

  Portailuser testUser = new Portailuser(new Long(99999999),"nom","prenom","0123455689","0123455689", "0123455689","","login", "toto","FFEFAA", true, portailroles);"testUserCreate : {0}", "user créé");
  if ("failure".equals( {
  "testUserCreate : {0}", "echec du save");
   assert false;
  }"testUserCreate : {0}", "user sauvé");

And my entityManager is null. I think the @PersistenceContext annotation doens't work in my case but I don't understand why.

My hibernate configuration is in the EJB project in META-INF/persistence.xml

Someone has an idea to help me ?


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Retrieve the EntityManager inside the ComponentTest.testComponents() method using Component.getInstance() instead of trying to inject it:

EntityManager em = (EntityManager) Component.getInstance("entityManager");
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