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I want to connect my Motorola droid to OBDKey by Bluetooth. I use BluetoothChat as an example to connect to Bluetooth, with KWP as protocol

Then I write byte[] command


where function "rawToByte" is:

public static byte rawToByte(int b) {
    return (byte) (0xff & b);

In the result OBDKey sent to device byte 0x02 This value is the first command, so it copy value. What did I do wrong?

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The OBDKey is an ELM327 based bluetooth OBD adapter. It's just like the DealExtreme and bluetooth adapters as far as features and method of use. I'm quite familiar with the latter two.

Here's how to send a string to the device, assuming you already opened the socket and stream, and the output socket is named mBTOutputStream

 * Send the exact string provided. 
 * We don't append a CRLF or anything like that - we just send the exact string to the device as-is. 
 * @param sendThis - exact string to send to the device. 
 * @return - returns true unless a problem occurs, in which case we return false;
public boolean sendRaw(String sendThis) {

        // Ya can't send data if we're not connected!
        if (isConnected() != true)
                return false;

        byte bsendThis[] = sendThis.getBytes();

        try {mBTOutputStream.write(bsendThis);} catch (Exception e) {
                return false;

        return true;

Also remember to also read from the device, otherwise the input buffer will become full and start blocking I/O.

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Thanks for response, but what is the string "sendThis"? – vic Jun 15 '10 at 14:12
You would use the method like this: sendRaw("ATI" + "\n"); So when you execute the method it sends the string "sendThis". – Brad Hein Jun 15 '10 at 14:21
Why I must send to device String when it understand only array of bytes(commands)? What does function ioResetOutputErrorCount() do? – vic Jun 16 '10 at 15:44
the ioError/ioReset methods are used to keep track of IO Errors in my app. I use it as an extra safety measure to know the integrity of the connection. You may remove them before using the method. As for the reason for using a String, it will make your life much better to work with Strings when communicating with this device and let the sendRaw() method convert the string to a byte array at the last minute - so you don't have to. Have you obtained the datasheet for the device yet so you know what commands to send it? – Brad Hein Jun 16 '10 at 16:19
In fact, I already wrote an end to end application for the ELM327 Bluetooth devices. It's on the market as VoyagerConnect. I may be releasing parts of the source code in the future. – Brad Hein Jun 16 '10 at 16:22

OBDKey will actually encapsulate the KWP2000 frame for you (in the default ASCII mode).

All you need to do is tell the OBDKey unit to use the KWP2000 protocol with ATSP5\r, then after initialisation, send your request as "mode pid", e.g. 010C to get engine RPM.

Looking at your data, it is hard to work out what you are trying to do. The data you specified was: 02,85,05,C7,33,F1,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,76

Usually the first byte is the header plus length, then target address byte, source address byte, data then checksum, e.g. C2,33,F1,01,00,E7. To send this example via OBDKey send ATSP5\r then 0100\r and OBDKey will take car of the vehicle diagnostic protocol framing.

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