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What EXACLTY (what registry keys it writes) does the ATL::CComModule::RegisterServer(TRUE) call do?

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For each class that uses the OBJECT_ENTRY_AUTO macro, it will run the corresponding registry script resource (.rgs file) listed in your resource file, as identified by the DECLARE_REGISTRY_RESOURCEID macro.

Additionally, because you are passing TRUE for bRegTypeLib, it will also run the registry script identified by DECLARE_REGISTRY_APPID_RESOURCEID.

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A good way for finding out this is to download the Process Monitor and set it up to monitor registry changes (I'm assuming this is possible, it was in the older tool RegMon at least and this is the replacement) and then you do one RegisterServer and one Unregister and you'll have the complete list.

You'll probably have to set up some filters to filter out the stuff you don't want to see but should be easy to do.

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+1, you could "see" what this function do yourself – Baiyan Huang Jun 16 '10 at 1:34

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