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I am fixing some old defects and as part of one defect, I need to make sure that some requests are being only POST to the JSP page instead of a GET request. The application have a form which submits data to another JSP page (I know its wrong and against MVC but too late to fix it), since it is a JSP page, so we can POST the request or else we can GET the request. In case of a malicious user, can read the form and send the request as a GET from the browser like http://host:80/somejsp.jsp?param=value&param=value etc. In that case, it becomes a violation. I need to make sure that such GET requests are not processed. One way to do is to perform the below steps in the jsp page -

if (request.getMethod().equals("GET")) {
   // reroute the user as it is not a valid req

Is there any other way to do it?

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Two solutions:

  1. Add a <security-constraint> with an empty <auth-constraint> on an <url-pattern> of *.jsp and <http-method> of GET which will block GET requests on JSP files to everyone (as suggested by McDowell):

        <display-name>Restrict GET requests on JSP files</display-name>
            <web-resource-name>JSP files</web-resource-name>
        <auth-constraint />
  2. Create a Filter which listens on an <url-pattern> of *.jsp and does basically the following in the doFilter() method.

    if (((HttpServletRequest) request).getMethod().equals("GET")) {
        ((HttpServletResponse) response).sendError(HttpServletResponse.SC_METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED);
    } else {
        chain.doFilter(request, response);

No need to copypaste the same over all JSP pages which would only be prone to IllegalStateException: response already committed errors.

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Add security constraints to your web.xml prohibiting the request.

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In my case, the users are already authenticated. Still we want to prevent JSP pages from responding to GET requests. – Shamik Jun 14 '10 at 16:31

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