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I need to run a set of tests against the same ruby version and same gemset but with different versions of a .so library.

Therefor I need to have two ruby installations (for the same version 1.8.7), each one pointing to a different set of .so files. How can I do that?

Gemset usage is already too late because library binding is done when rvm install installs a ruby version.

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its best if you hit #rvm irc channel, its an advanced query and people are usually available for help –  Rishav Rastogi Jun 14 '10 at 18:00

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Thanks Rishav, I got the answer through twitter from god himself (aka rvm creator), I can download the real version and the version tagged 1_8_7 on the repository.

Its a hack and will work fine with up to 4~5 different configurations (using tag, revision number, revision date and so on)

Problema solved

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