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How do you nest quotes in HTML beyond the second level? As far as I know, there are only 2 types of quotes - single(') and double("). I am aware of escaping using slashes - you have to escape in the code but that escaping won't work at the browser level. What is the accepted method to get around something like the following?

<p onclick="exampleFunc('<div id="divId"></div>');">Some Text</p>

That code prints to the browser:

');">Some Text

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You need to use proper escaping/encoding. Either in HTML using character references:

<p onclick="exampleFunc('&lt;div id=&quot;divId&quot;&gt;&lt;/div&gt;');">Some Text</p>

Or in JavaScript using string escape sequences:

<p onclick="exampleFunc('\x3Cdiv\x20id\x3D\x22divId\x22\x3E\x3C/div\x3E');">Some Text</p>
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I'm not clear as to when one should pick the first versus the second. I tried the first in an alert (e.g. alert("&quot;")), and got an error suggesting that "&quot;" was being treated as an actual quote, but the second form worked. – Michael Mar 1 '13 at 16:17

Edit: this is not a solution for JavaScript in HTML, but for JavaScript only. My bad...

eval('eval(\"eval(\\\"alert(\\\\\\\"Now I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m confused!\\\\\\\")\\\")\")');

Link. It's "recursive escaping".

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you need to escape the characters using the \

so your code should look like

<p onclick="exampleFunc('<div id=\"divId\"></div>');">Some Text</p>

Here is some info on Special Characters

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No, that terminates the HTML attribute value as `exampleFunc('<div id=`. – Quentin Jun 14 '10 at 21:54

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