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I have some code which is in Silverlight 3. I am unable to move to SL4 at this time. I would however like to use VS 2010 to do my SL 3 development... and SL4 development. The idea of both runtimes coexisting on 1 machine i thought I heard Microsoft got right this time in VS 2010.

is this correct? if yes, then Where can I find the instructions how to set this up?

thanks for any help you can provide,

Sincerely, J

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Silverlight is not side-by-side. VS 2010 provides multi-targeting support for the full .NET framework, which is side-by-side, but NOT Silverlight.

There can only be one version of the Silverlight plugin and runtime on the machine.

That said, if you want to build code targeting one or the other, that is possible by checking in the Silverlight versions to your source enlistment. This post is a little outdated but provides an example for doing this for SL2 and SL3.

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Hi Jeff, Thanks for the response. I figured that was the answer, but thought maybe there was some uh 'technique' that might be a work around. I'll take a look at the link you provided. –  J__ Jun 21 '10 at 13:29

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