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Is there anyone out there using iPython with emacs 23? The documents on the emacs wiki are a bit of a muddle and I would be interested in hearing from anyone using emacs for Python development. Do you use the download python-mode and ipython.el? What do you recommend?

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never used it myself, but I do follow the ipython mailing list, and there was a thread a couple months back.

maybe this will help


It's also a very responsive mailing list if you run into trouble.

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I got it working quite well with emacs 23. The only open issue is the focus not returning to the python buffer after sending the buffer to the iPython interpreter.


(setq load-path
      (append (list nil
(setq py-shell-name "ipython")

(defadvice py-execute-buffer (around python-keep-focus activate)
  "return focus to python code buffer"
  (save-excursion ad-do-it))

(setenv "PYMACS_PYTHON" "python2.5") 
(require 'pymacs)

(pymacs-load "ropemacs" "rope-")

(provide 'python-programming)
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I've used ipython with emacs cvs (which has been emacs 23 for some time now) in my python development. I, however, use it the other way around: I call emacs from the ipython promt through the $EDITOR environment variable. I tried it the other way around, but got a bit tired of all the process buffers and what not.

Emacs is great, but a command-line far more versatile.

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