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As part of a library project, I want to include a plethora of generic algorithms and data structures. This includes algorithms for searching and sorting, data structures like linked lists and binary trees, path-finding algorithms like A*... the works.

Basically, any generic algorithm or data structure you can think of that you think might be useful in such a library, please post or add it to the list. Thanks! (NOTE: Because there is no single right answer I've of course placed this in community wiki... and also, please don't suggest algorithms which are too specialized to be provided by a generic library)

The List:

  • Data structures
    • AVL tree
    • B-tree
      • B*-tree
      • B+-tree
    • Binary tree
      • Binary heap
      • Binary search tree
    • Linked lists
      • Singly linked list
      • Doubly linked list
    • Stack
    • Queue
  • Sorting algorithms
    • Binary tree sort
    • Bubble sort
    • Heapsort
    • Insertion sort
    • Merge sort
    • Quicksort
    • Selection sort
  • Searching algorithms
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closed as not a real question by Benoit, interjay, FrustratedWithFormsDesigner, Jacob, luvieere Jun 14 '10 at 20:38

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"I've of course placed this in community wiki" — No you didn't. – kennytm Jun 14 '10 at 20:28
Forgot to check the box, sorry. – Jake Petroules Jun 14 '10 at 20:52

Algorithms, Data Structures.

There's already a resource for this sort of material. I'm voting to close as not a real question.

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