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I'm looking for some regular expression to help parse my CSV file.

The file has lines of

Comment I want to skip


Text to skip

I read each line into a string and I wanted to use some regular express to make sure the line matches the pattern of (number,number). If not then don't use the line.

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Here is one solution:


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Thanks... let me give it a shot. –  Bernie Perez Jun 14 '10 at 20:54
Awesome, worked great! Thanks. –  Bernie Perez Jun 14 '10 at 20:58

This should match your numbers and line start/end:

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Which language do you want to do this in? In perl:

read in each line of the csv file and save to $line
if($line !~ m/\d+, \d+/) {
    Do whatever you are going to do with the line with 2 numbers

In Java use this site to help:

 read in each line of the csv file and save to variable line
 Pattern p = Pattern.compile("\d+, \d+"); // remove space if it isn't in file
 Matcher m = p.matcher(line);
 if (m.find()) {
    //it matches
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I'm doing this in Java. –  Bernie Perez Jun 14 '10 at 21:03
@Bernie Perez I added to the above answer to handle Java specifically. –  Kyra Jun 14 '10 at 21:08
Your examples will not match because of the whitespace after the comma... The OP example had no whitespace around the comma. –  dawg Jun 14 '10 at 22:04
then remove the space, as I commented at the end of the line. So instead have "\d+,\d+" The \d means it matches to a number, the + means it matches it 1 or more times (so it matches to 3 or 333333). Thus this line mean it matches one or more numbers then a comma and then one or more numbers again. The line in the code above matches if there are numbers then a comma followed by a space and then more numbers. The below website, also in link above, describes this in more detail in regards to Java. java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/releases/1.4regex –  Kyra Jun 15 '10 at 15:41

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