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I want to give my clients the possibility to preview their personalized product. In a nutshell, personalization means the user specifies some text and positions the text somewhere on an image of the product.

A great example of what I'd like to achieve is this. Select a frame size and then hit Personalize, after you select the occasion and add the text you can chose to preview the product.

The hardest thing to do here, as I see it, is to generate the image. The positioning of text will probably be made in javascript.

Do you have any recommendations?

Just as a note, using scene7 is not a possibility.

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Your page does not work for FireFox Mac OS-X:

Error: s_dc is not defined
Line: 427

If you really want to do this only by JavaScript you could use Canvas or SVG.

But I guess it would be way easier using PHP Perl or Flash.

This would also increase your cross browser compability.

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That's a very good point... If you don't need client side interaction, then do it all on the server... – Martin Milan Jun 14 '10 at 21:00

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