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I have a Windows batch file utilized in my Visual Studio tool chain that creates a list of files in a particular directory, and then uses "findstr" to narrow this list down to only the files whose names contain a particular string; and then does some work on these files.

dir /b \mypath\*.wav >wavRawList.txt

findstr /b /v "DesiredString" wavRawList.txt >wavListWithDesiredString.txt

for /f %%a in (wavListWithDesiredString.txt) do (

  [... do some stuff ...]


Visual Studio frequently reports errors from this batch file, and I think it's because wavListWithDesiredString.txt frequently ends up being a file with a length of 0. Is there a variety of "if exist wavListWithDesiredString.txt" where instead of "exist" I can substitute a command meaning "if it exists and its file length is greater than 0"?

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The more-or-less inline way, using for:

for %%x in (wavListWithDesiredString.txt) do if not %%~zx==0 (

or you can use a subroutine:

set SIZE=%~z1
goto :eof

which you can call like this:

call :size wavListWithDesiredString.txt
if not %SIZE%==0 ...
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I was able to solve the file size part of the question with another stack overflow question found here. I would use nesting to simulate the AND operator like the example below:

IF EXIST %1 IF %~z1 GTR 0 ECHO Both conditions are satisfied.

The %1 is a parameter that must be passed into a batch file.

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