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I'm getting the following warning when building an ad hoc distribution copy of a new iPad only application:

[BWARN]warning: building with 'Targeted Device Family' that includes iPad ('2') requires building with the 3.2 or later SDK.

These are my build settings:

Architectures: Optimized (armv6 armv7)
Any iPhone OS Simulator: i386
Any iPhone OS Device: Optimized (armv6 armv7)
Base SDK: iPhone Device 3.2
Valid Architectures: armv6 armv7
Target Device Family: iPad
iPhone OS Deployment Target: iPhone OS 3.2

With this in mind I don't understand the warning. It seems to build and run OK but I'd rather not have warnings in my build for obvious reasons.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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OK. I think it's related to the additional SDK I've added for JSON parsing. I've seen some other posts mentioning having an additional SDK defined causing confusion. I'll see what options I have for getting around this. –  alan Jun 19 '10 at 8:31

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Yep, the problem was the additional SDK I'd added for JSON parsing. Was working fine until I started trying to build for iPad only in 3.2.
I removed the additional SDK and linker information, pulled in the source files instead and am now able to build without any issues.

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