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I am looking for good example code for terracotta. Especially around using master/worker pattern. In particular using custom routing (we like, but would like to use some strick data affinity type routing - ie. one worker looks after a set of task types ).

Also examples or experience setting up masters and topologies would be great also.

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This example got me interested in terracotta,


Which gives plenty of code examples to get you started

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Not sure this is of interest to you, since they are much smaller in scope, but the Terracotta.org web site provides a number of ready to go "recipes" that demonstrate a number of concepts Terracotta:

Terracotta.org Recipes (code samples)

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The Apress book "The Definitive Guide to Terracotta" (to which I contributed) has a chapter on Master/Worker with an extended example. Jonas Boner (mentioned above) is the primary author of that chapter.

This page links to places to buy, a free chapter, and all the example code which is available for free:


The Master/Worker stuff from the book has since been refined and is available as a Terracotta Integration Module on the Terracotta Forge at:


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Just my tiny cent:

I read alot about EC2 and terracotta often come up. Stuff like this:


EDIT: Note that EC2 now is offering persistent storage which should help alot with this terracotta stuff.

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