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I'm writing a service (say, service.com) that provides a REST API to external apps running inside of IFrames. (These apps are hosted from domains outside the service.com).

I'm planning a javascript client library for the apps to make pure-javascript requests to the service.com REST API -- basically using postMessage and some ad-hoc encapsulation of my API calls to get messages back and forth across frames (from the outside-app.com IFrame --> service.com REST API, and back to the IFrame with a response).

My question: is there any robust, general-purpose javascript library to accomplish the kind of cross-domain REST request proxying I need, or should I just hack it from scratch?

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Have you heard about origin access control? You can just set it in your .htaccess to allow XHR requests across domains.

Header Set Access-Control-Allow-Origin *

In which case, you don't need anything past your standard AJAX components.

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what is .htaccess and how can I set it? Can u explain it? –  Sedat Başar Feb 18 '13 at 9:48

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