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I am given a responsibility in my project to develop a Equipment tracking tool with following requirements

  1. New Equipment can be added by admin to a particular user
  2. Once equipment is assigned to a person he will a request to accept the request so he will be responsible
  3. User can transfer his equipment to other users.
  4. At the same time Admin should be sent a mail or message whenever there is a change in status.
  5. It should be deployed locally on a PC( So it is not actually a web app) that is connected to network which can be accessed by everyone

I thought I can use Django for this( I am new to it ), but I do not know much about deployment on a local PC , How can I do this, or is there any better Idea for this?

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If this is a 'local' installation, are you planning on accessing it via a browser? What OS(es) do you have available for deployment? How many users will be accessing the application at once? These are all critical questions. – Harper Shelby Nov 20 '08 at 4:40
Yes we planning to access it via browser. We have windows XP for deployment, at a time max of 50 people will be accessing this application. – Sirish Nov 20 '08 at 4:47
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It still sounds like you want a web app, you just won't be deploying it on a traditional web server. One thing to note, client versions of Windows (XP, Vista) will limit you to 10 incoming connections per computer.

You'll want to follow these instructions on how to install Django. If you haven't installed python yet, I'll recommend that you install version 2.5, since that will include sqlite, an embedded database that makes it very easy to get started developing with Django. Django includes its own development web server, which you will come across naturally as you go through the tutorial.

Start by installing and then jump right into the tutorial. Your deployment options will be much easier to understand once you're comfortable with developing in Django.

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Hi, But my main concern is for the deployment on networked PC which is accessible through a network. How to do it? – Sirish Nov 20 '08 at 5:26
@siri you have to setup the server on which you are deploying to be accessible by remote clients. For the development server to be remote accessible start your server by: python manage.py runserver – crodjer Jan 10 '11 at 17:17

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