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Here is my code:

    $("#serviceSongs li").draggable({
        connectToSortable: '#serviceAssignedSongs',
        helper: 'clone'

        placeholder: 'servicePlaceHolder'

Basically it allows me to drag LI's from a draggable list to a sortable list.

When I reorder LI's within the sortable list it works perfect. Here is a screenshot of dragging within the sortable:

But when I drag an LI from the draggable list, it only lets me drop it above or below the very first LI item... Here is a screenshot when dragging an LI from the draggable: (see how the placeholder doesn't appear and I can't drop it?)

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i suppose your placeholder is wrong:

    placeholder: 'servicePlaceHolder'

shouldn't that rather be

    placeholder: '#servicePlaceHolder'


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Thanks Andreas but that didn't work. I tried the following code because servicePlaceHolder is actually a class and it stopped working altogether... $("#serviceAssignedSongs").sortable({ placeholder: '.servicePlaceHolder' }); –  Ben Sinclair Jul 12 '10 at 0:06

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