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First time using WAMP, as I really want something to do. So basically, when I go to http://localhost/, Firefox says it's unable to connect. And, even if it did work, where would I put the files to display my website?

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This is more something for superuser – Ikke Jun 15 '10 at 6:29
what are you mean – Unix Man Jun 15 '10 at 6:36

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Are you sure all the services are running properly ? the icon in the bottom right should be white, if its not then click on it and click on the "start all services".

You place your files in the www folder in the install directory of wamp (usually C:/Program Files/wamp/www/ )

Ikke meant the question should be on

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I understand you installed Wampserver correct.

If http://localhost/ doesn't work. Try browse to in your browser.

Make sure your Wampserver icon is Green.

  • Red = Offline/major error
  • Orange = not all services are started. Won't work.
  • Green = You're allright! I'm working
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