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Hey, I am searching for a good mode to develop a application which shows 7 days and 24 hours (weekly view), knows somebody if there is a good tutorial? Or which layout would you use to design this?

It should be possible to add events with a beginning and ending time...

Thanks in advance Johannes

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Sorry, this is what I found on google, but isn't what I intended. I thougt about something like the outlook calendar, where I see on the first look whats up all over the day. But thanks for helping –  john84 Jun 15 '10 at 8:24
Welcome anyway ;) –  Vladislav Rastrusny Jun 15 '10 at 8:39
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Well, we did it using Panels (one Panel for every Day) and gave them a hight of 24hours * 2px/minute. Than we created a JEventButton which is inhertied by JButton and placed the button on the Panel for example a Event beginning at 10am until 12am began at pixel (2 * 60 * 10) and had a hight of (2 * 60 * 2) pixels.

I hope this helps somebody else and would be thankful about other opinions.

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