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I'm using Telerik grid to present memos received by user below is the code

    .Sortable(sorting => sorting 
        .OrderBy(sortOrder => sortOrder.Add(o => o.MemoDate).Descending()))         
    .DataBinding(dataBinding => dataBinding 
        //Ajax binding 
    //The action method which will return JSON 
    .Select("_AjaxBindingReceivedMemos", "OA" ) 

        Columns(colums => 
            colums.Bound(o => o.MemoID).ClientTemplate(Html.ActionLink("Reply", "ReplyMemo", "OA", new { MemoID = "<#=MemoID#>"}, null).ToString()).Title("Reply").Filterable(false).Sortable(false); 
            colums.Bound(o => o.MemoID).ClientTemplate(Html.ActionLink("Acknowledge", "PreviewMemo", "OA", new { id = "<#=MemoID#>"}, null).ToString()).Title("Acknowledge").Filterable(false).Sortable(false); 
            colums.Bound(o => o.Subject).ClientTemplate(Html.ActionLink("<%#=Subject#>", "PreviewMemo", "OA", new { id = "<#=MemoID#>" }, null).ToString()).Title("Subject"); 
            //colums.Bound(o => Html.ActionLink(o.Subject,"PreviewMemo","OA",new{id=o.MemoID},null).ToString()).Title("Subject"); 
            colums.Bound(o => o.FromEmployeeName); 
            colums.Bound(o => o.MemoDate); 
     .RowAction((row) => 
             row.HtmlAttributes.Add("style", "background:#321211;"); 

       //.ClientEvents(events => events.OnRowDataBound("onRowDataBound")) 

where I am binding third column (Subject) my intention is to make an ActionLink where subject is the display text and i want a dynamic ID coming from <#=MemoID#>. memo id is working fine and gives me a link with dynamic Memo IDs. the problem is with the subject i.e ("<#=Subject#>") is rendered as it is on the screen without mapping to the actual subject of the memo. I have also tried ("<%#=Subject%>") but to no gain. any help is highly appreciated


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Bit late now maybe for you, but maybe this will help others:

I do this via templates, as follows:

columns.Bound(c => c.ID).ClientTemplate(

           Html.ActionLink("<#= SomeTextValue #>", "SomeAction", "SomeController", new { ID = "<#= ID #>" }, null).ToString()

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